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It’s a shame when great animation falls flat due to poor voice acting. Animated shows, films, or videos are only as good as the voices that bring the characters to life. Let me help bring out the personalities, quirks, and idiosyncrasies of one or more of the characters in your next animation project.



The use of audiobooks is on the rise. A 2019 Pew Research study revealed that 1-in-5 Americans now listen to audiobooks. Authors don’t want to miss out on this growing demographic of readers. I can give voice(s) to your story, fiction and non-fiction alike.



Whether on television, radio, or the internet, we all encounter commercials and advertisements multiple times per day. The best commercials have a memorable voice that quickly catches the audience’s attention and makes a personal connection. Let me be that voice in your next ad.



Your business will inevitably need to distribute information amongst your team, both internally and externally. You need a highly versatile voice that can be adapted to meet the requirements of a variety of business scenarios in a relatable and understandable way. Allow me to be the professional voice that shares the important information with your corporate community.



We all know how engaging class is when the teacher or professor lectures in a monotonous drawl—it isn’t. I can lend an interested and appealing voice to help individuals and groups learn what they need to know through your next virtual training session or class.


Do you need a voice to help tug at the heartstrings of those viewing your non-profit’s latest video? How about a voice that captures a viewer’s imagination as they watch your new documentary? What about a sincere, convincing voice to help drive the point home on your next explainer video? My voice is ready to fill any and all of your narration needs.



Customers and clients need to be able to successfully navigate your automated menu when they call your company or business, but nobody enjoys listening to a robotic, artificial voice when doing so. Let my voice be the one to make the experience comfortable, even enjoyable, for your clientele when they’re trying to reach you.



A seemingly miscast voice can really ruin the immersion of a video game experience. You’ve worked hard to develop your game; don’t let it suffer from poor voice acting. I can provide a variety of unique and authentic voices to help bring life to your characters, whether it be your main protagonist or the variety of NPCs along the way.

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