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I believe in the power of stories. A good story can connect with us on a deep, intimate level, stir our emotions, and even inspire us to be better people.

I love immersing myself in grand, interconnected narratives, whether that be the Marvel or Star Wars universes or the epic sagas of authors like Robert Jordan, Jim Butcher, C.S. Lewis, Brandon Sanderson, and J.R.R. Tolkien. (Yes, I am a massive nerd). I also enjoy stories of people who have come before me—their lives, struggles, and triumphs—and learning from their mistakes and successes. And I cherish the privilege of hearing and participating in the stories of those around me as we do life together.

One of my favorite pastimes is reading stories aloud to my wife and daughter—bringing the tales to life, giving voices to the various characters, and allowing the stories to teach us more about what life is and what it could be. 

I love being a storyteller, and I am eager to partner with you to help tell your story. As a voiceover artist, my greatest privilege is to help breathe life into whatever narrative you hope to share with the world. My voice has been described as animated, smooth, youthful, light, fun, conversational, natural, casual, approachable, friendly, helpful, and trustworthy. Allow me to lend my voice to your next project, whether it be audiobooks, commercials, advertisements, animation, eLearning, video games, or whatever you have in mind.

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